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The non-stick copper pan record of sales in Italy

Different from the pans you have always used, because it is non-stick, super resistant and high conductivity

☑️ Superior non-stick

Patented technology CeramicTech 7 times more non-stick than common Teflon pans. With the MagicCHEF pan, nothing sticks. No more burnt and crusted food.

☑️ Anti-scratch and super resistant

Indestructible copper coating. It resists scratches, even when using metal utensils, it lasts 100 times longer than normal non-stick pans - which can be thrown away as soon as they are scratched. Stainless steel handle.

☑️ High conductivity and fast cooking

MagicCHEF is coated in copper, which is a formidable heat conductor. Better than aluminum and steel! Your dishes will cook perfectly, evenly and in less time.

☑️ Healthier foods

Thanks to the non-stick copper coating, with MagigCHEF there is no need to use butter or oil. Even heat distribution ensures that food does not stick. It does not use toxic materials such as PTFE and PFOA

☑️ Hygienic and antibacterial

Copper is known for its antibacterial properties: that is, for its ability to inactivate or eliminate bacteria, microbes, molds, fungi and viruses. MagicCHEF is therefore more hygienic than aluminum or steel pans.

☑️ Even in the oven!

Suitable for any type of kitchen: gas stove, induction hobs, electric hobs, etc. But you can also use MagicCHEF in the oven, because it is also super heat resistant!

✔️ Non-stick and anti-scratch

✔️ Super resistant and high conductivity

✔️ Made to last

✔️ Suitable for all types of cuisine

✔️ Also suitable for the oven

✔️ Does not contain PFTE and PFOA

✔️ It can be cleaned in 2 minutes or in the dishwasher

✔️ Width 10 inches / 25.4 cm and glass lid included